Family Knows Best
by DCDave

  Family Knows Best

                                                                                       "Just listen to the family,"
                                                                                         Opinion leaders cried,
                                                                                         And they will set you straight
                                                                                         On how Vince Foster died.

                                                                                         But this rule's no good,
                                                                                         And it's a funny thing,
                                                                                         When the murdered one
                                                                                         Is Martin Luther King.    

                                                                                         What they mean to say,
                                                                                         And now I'LL set you straight,
                                                                                         Is listen to those families
                                                                                         They can intimidate. 

This poem was prompted by an article by the disgusting sellout black "conservative" columnist, talk-show host, way-to-successful-to-be-honest Armstrong Williams in that filthy propaganda rag, The Washington Times, today. The article is entitled "Ray's puzzling requiem." Get this paragraph:

"With all due respect to Coretta Scott King, whom I love and admire, I think it's regrettable that her family would try to make Ray out to be a patsy. For them to give credence to a conspiracy theory espoused by his confessed assassin is an insult to Dr. King's legacy of justice and equality. While it might be true that Ray had accomplices, we shouldn't doubt that Ray played the principal role in the killing."

Apparently, Williams does not have the same respect for Dexter that he has for Coretta, and I would imagine that the feeling is mutual.

As support for his FBI-supporting position, he invokes primarily the authority of one I had heretofore believed was worthy of at least a tiny bit of respect, but no more. I speak of Julian Bond. Here's the Bond quote:

"There may have been other people involved with [Ray], probably his brothers...," Mr. Bond said. "He was a racist, so he had the motive to kill Dr. King, and he apparently believed there was a reward out there for the person who did it. So, I think we need to find out who else was involved. We don't need to know who pulled the trigger. James Earl Ray bought the gun. His fingerprints are on the gun. His fingerprints are on the windowsill where the shot was fired from. He was seen running away from the scene. And he dropped the gun. And most importantly, he confessed to the crime!"

Williams is obviously counting on your not having read anything by Dick Gregory, Mark Lane, Ray himself, or William F. Pepper on the case. The case Bond has laid out is nothing more than a thin tissue of FBI lies.

What do you think would make him do it?

David Martin, May 1, 1998

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