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Archive 4: 3/3/01 - present

PBS Lies for FDR over Allegations by Whittaker Chambers 1/29/06
Letters Concerning James Forrestal 1/02/06
Simon Winchester's Smooth Forked Tongue 12/26/05
9-11 Widows Denounce Cover-up, Lehman 11/27/05
No Source for Hanging-Priests Calumny 11/17/05
Hillary Biographer Crude Propagandist 7/14/05
Andy Rooney, War Propagandist, Liar 4/23/05
Is the Birch Society a Zionist Front? 3/8/05
Lying About Bombing 2/21/05
Who Killed James Forrestal? Part 3 11/20/04
Forrestal's Handwriting? 11/03/04
Jews, Catholics Bury the Forrestal 10/23/04
New Forrestal Document Exposes Cover-up 9/27/04
Who Killed James Forrestal, Part 2 9/22/04
"Crime Scene Photographs" 9/16/04
Connected Iraq War Opponent a "Suicide" 12/7/03
Roman Catholicism and Zionism are Irreconcilable 12/6/03
Cause of Chinook Crash Still Undetermined 11/11/03
Forrestal, Skippy Creator Shared Similar Fate 9/29/03
ZNet (Truth) Challenged 7/20/03
More Parade Propaganda 7/1/03
Who Killed James Forrestal? (short version) 5/28/03
Parade of Lies, Part 4 5/12/03
King Dubya's Diction 3/9/03
Who Killed James Forrestal? 11/10/02
News Suppression in Action 7/4/02
Kessler, Ruddy, and the Parade of Lies 6/2/02
The Press and the Death of Vincent Foster 5/25/02
Is James Bamford Real? 5/20/02
ABC Wants Me! 4/28/02
New Article on Baxter Death 2/13/02
Roanoke: Solving The Mystery... 1/29/02
Enron Suicide? 1/28/02
Michael Chertoff, Master of the Cover-up 1/7/02
Bush Divulges 9- 11 Complicity Again? 1/6/02
The Ashcroft Imperative 12/28/01
Power-lust and President Bush 12/28/01
Bin Laden's Home Video: The... 12/16/01
Truthful Article about the FBI 11/25/01
Parade of Lies 11/18/01
Upton Sinclair and Timothy McVeigh 6/2/01
Chomsky, the Fraud, Part 2 4/6/01
Chomsky, the Fraud 3/18/01
"Chunhyang" a Review 3/18/01
Confessions of a Football Fanatic 3/11/01
Larry King Blames the "Clinton Haters" 3/3/01

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