Judge Posner’s One-Way Mirror


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I wrote and posted on my web site the following poem a little more than a year ago:


The One-Way Mirror


"Freedom of information"

Is in a tyrannical mess

Big Brother knows more and more,

          While he shows us less and less.


Now, as reported by Glenn Greenwald, federal judge Richard Posner has come forward to tell us that that is exactly how things should be.  Like so many federal judges,” writes Greenwald, “Judge Posner recognizes rights only when they belong to agents of the state or the economic elite. When it’s ordinary citizens at issue, he snidely rejects any such protections. Of course, this is exactly backwards: those exercising public power (police officers) have a lower entitlement to privacy than private individuals. But power-servants like Judge Posner view only actors of the state and those who serve it (such as himself) as entitled to these prerogatives. That’s become the corrupt essence of the U.S. justice system, and it’s perfectly expressed by Judge Posner’s radically divergent views based on whose privacy is at stake.”


It comes as no surprise to us that Judge Posner, described by Wikipedia as “the most cited legal scholar of the 20th century,” should emerge as the perfect spokesman for our controlling criminal elite.  Here, reprinted with refreshed links, is the short article we wrote about him in 1999.  It is the sort of thing that you will not be reading in organs of the “approved Left opposition,” such as Salon magazine, where Greenwald rose to national prominence.


Posner, the Propagandist


       No, not that one. There's another one out there. Check this out:


         The true “Clinton haters” are only the fringe of the considerable opposition to him, but a fringe that bled into and in the eyes of many contaminated the investigation and prosecution of his suspected crimes. The fringe has beliefs best described as paranoid fantasies such as that Vince Foster, the Deputy White House Counsel who committed suicide early in Clinton's first term, was murdered because he knew too much about the Clintons' complicity in Whitewater crimes; that Clinton when Governor of Arkansas had operated an international drug-trafficking ring from a secret airport in the state; that Clinton is or was a cocaine addict and as a result has had to have surgery on his nose (cocaine destroys the septum); and that his supporters regularly murder anyone who might reveal his illegalities to the world. In or near the fringe is the wealthy philanthropist, Richard Mellon Scaife, who has financed investigations into whether Vince Foster was murdered. (That Foster was murdered is the core, the defining, belief of the Clinton haters.)


         --Richard A. Posner, An Affair of State, The Investigation, Impeachment, and Trial of President Clinton. Harvard University Press, 1999, pp. 62-63


         Do we need any more evidence of the corruption of our institutions? How would you like to have the man who penned those lines of pure, unadulterated propaganda passing judgment over you in a court of law or deciding whether you pass or fail in a law school class? Richard A. Posner is a noted legal scholar with many books and articles to his credit. He is also the chief judge of the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit (See Judge Richard A. Posner), but when it comes to the matter of the highest ranking federal official since President Kennedy to die a suspicious, violent death, all he has to offer is childish name-calling and the brazen dragging of red herrings.


         As a learned legal professional he would certainly know that we are not dealing in "beliefs" here, but a very large body of evidence that simply has to be swept under the rug or the government would fall. So he does his part by sweeping most vigorously. He can get by with characterizing the charges of the doubters of the official government/press line with respect to the worst of the scandals as "paranoid fantasies" because the news of the existence of the Clarke/Knowlton addendum to the Starr Report on Foster has been completely suppressed, as has a lot of other important news. You can read the addendum at FBICOVER-UP.COM to see what they are keeping from you. Judge Posner certainly knows all about it, but he writes with the smug assurance that most of you are ignorant. Tyrants have always liked it best that way.


  David Martin

  September 8, 1999


Since 1999 we have discovered quite a bit more evidence that Judge Posner, with what he wrote in his book, was a participant in the cover-up of a high level murder.  That evidence is perhaps best summed up in our most recent article on the subject, “Dissenting Memo Surfaces from Starr Team,” about the frustration that Kenneth Starr’s first chief investigator, Miguel Rodriguez, encountered before he was forced to resign in disgust.  Before that, we also published Rodriguez’s very damning resignation letter, which, like the memorandum, has been completely blacked out by the press.


Two members of Starr’s murder cover-up team who did not dissent, John Bates and Brett Kavanaugh, have since been rewarded for their work with appointments to the federal bench.  Along with Judge Posner they demonstrate beyond doubt that our federal judiciary is not about truth and justice; it is about raw, naked, corrupt power.  Glenn Greenwald’s recent revelations that, in Posner’s view, only the power wielders have any right to privacy is only so much icing on the cake. 


David Martin

December 20, 2014




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