Dylann Roof and Jared Taylor


Propaganda is the bread and butter of covert action.


-- Gregory Treverton


From the beginning, there seemed to be a very contrived, orchestrated quality to the reported killing by a young white man of nine black Bible studiers at a famous old A.M.E. church in Charleston, South Carolina.  Who could miss it, what with all the carefully posed photographs that came to light with the alleged perpetrator, 21-year-old Dylann Roof, holding a Confederate battle flag, wearing white African colonialist patches on his jacket, holding a gun, burning an American flag, visiting a slave plantation, etc.?  No one has been identified as the person who took any of the photographs.  Who was it?


Roof, from a broken home, had dropped out of school after repeating the ninth grade and was only fitfully employed.  His main activities seem to have been playing video games, taking recreational drugs, and chilling out with his friends, several of whom are black.


If the orchestration had a purpose, as a CIA operation of some sort, it seems to have been to cement in the public mind the idea that traditional white Southern society, the Confederacy, and the Confederate battle flag that Roof flaunted in the photos represent racism, pure and simple, and that the Civil War was all about ending the South’s oppression of black people.  That was certainly the message that the media—almost as one—carried to the public, as did the politicians who took their cue from the media.  Playing his role in projecting that message, and more, that concern over rampant immigration is also based upon racism, has been a very unlikely character by the name of Jared Taylor.


Taylor came into the Charleston scenario in a rather odd way.  A few days after the shooting there turned up on the Internet a long written piece that is purported to be the ninth grade drop-out Roof’s “manifesto.”  Early in that document the writer explains how he, in effect, turned into a white racist from someone who previously had had little racial animus through his discovery on the Internet of the web site of the Council of Conservative Citizens (C of CC) with “these pages upon pages of brutal black on White murders…” that supposedly got ignored by the press. 


Immediately, the media spotlight was turned upon that organization.  That organization, in turn, put forward Jared Taylor as its “spokesman,” something that he had apparently never been before.  That position is normally held by the native South Carolinian Kyle Rogers.   Taylor is the founder and head of a separate “racialist” organization by the name of American Renaissance.   Here is Taylor’s rather vague explanation to an interviewer for the Austin Statesman as to how he was picked to be the C of CC spokesman in the wake of the Charleston event:


How did it fall on you to be the spokesman for the C of CC at this moment?


The president of the C of CC, new in office after the death of Gordon Baum, did not wish to speak to the media, so I stepped into this fiery breach.


If fanning racial flames is what you want—from the white as opposed to the Al Sharpton side of the issue—Jared Taylor is certainly the man for the job.  It is his very raison d'źtre.  And in his televised interview by prominent TV journalist David Shuster, now working for Al Jazeera after previous stints with Fox News and MSNBC (covering all the ideological bases), he did not disappoint. 


The voice of temperance and reason at this point would say that anyone who would slaughter nine perfectly innocent and defenseless strangers for whatever reason is clearly seriously mentally unbalanced, and a person like that might have used any excuse for the killings.  A really genuine person would also question the authenticity of that “manifesto,” which, as Gordon Duff on Veterans Today points out, reads nothing like the work of an early drop-out from high school.  But when Shuster starts off with, “Roof’s manifesto says he got his inspiration from your web site…” Taylor accepts the premise that it’s Roof’s writing and that the C of CC web site is his own web site (after all, he has volunteered to be their spokesman).  He only takes issue with the word “inspiration,” saying that Roof got “information” instead, and launches into a plug for the C of CC message, that is, that violent crimes by black people against white people are rampant, taking place at a much higher rate than white crimes against blacks. Then he says that that information was “so disturbing” because this fact is almost never reported, pretty much restating and confirming Shuster’s point, that is, that it was the anti-black information on the C of CC web site that persuaded Roof that it was his job to somehow set things aright by going on a killing spree.


It’s really hard to see how Shuster and Taylor could have done any better job of fanning the racial flames than they did with that opening exchange.  Driving home the message, as Shuster makes his opening charge, the words “WHITE NATIONALISM, DYLAN ROOF VISITED CONFEDERATE LANDMARKS” is plastered across the bottom of the screen.  It stays there for about half a minute.  Later we get “WHITE NATIONALISM, COFCC SITE DETAILS BLACK ON WHITE MURDERS” and “WHITE NATIONALISM, COFCC PRES GAVE MONEY TO GOP CANDIDATES.”  These little incendiary billboards are only briefly interrupted throughout the interview with “JARED TAYLOR, COUNCIL OF CONSERVATIVE CITIZENS,” reminding viewers of who the interviewee is.


Later in the interview Taylor makes the valid point that blaming the C of CC for these murders would be like blaming global warming opponents for their message if an anti-global-warming zealot should go on an Exxon-executive-killing binge, but at that point he’s only salvaging credibility with his supporters.  The damage that, from all appearances, he and Shuster together had set out to do, had been done.  Mr. White Nationalist and his supposed journalistic adversary had cemented in the minds of viewers the notion that Southern Confederate-inspired ideas were responsible for a horrible tragedy.


It is perhaps understandable that Taylor would not want to challenge the authenticity of the “manifesto,” thereby calling critical attention to it.  After all, in its academic style, it reads a good deal more like something Taylor might have written than what Roof would write: 


On another subject I want to say this. Many White people feel as though they dont have a unique culture.  The reason for this is that White culture is world culture. I dont mean that our culture is made up of other cultures, I mean that our culture has been adopted by everyone in the world. This makes us feel as though our culture isnt special or unique. Say for example that every business man in the world wore a kimono, that every skyscraper was in the shape of a pagoda, that every door was a sliding one, and that everyone ate every meal with chopsticks. This would probably make a Japanese man feel as though he had no unique traditional culture.


Does this really sound like young Dylann Roof writing, with his very limited education and experience?  Would contrast with Japan really be the first thing to come to his mind?  Would he even be likely to know that in traditional Japanese houses rooms are separated with sliding doors made of rice paper?  But, hey, maybe he saw it in his very unlikely “favorite film”:


To take a saying from a film,  “I see all this stuff going on, and I dont see anyone doing anything about it. And it pisses me off.”. To take a saying from my favorite film, “Even if my life is worth less than a speck of dirt, I want to use it for the good of society.”.


The movie (no unpretentious American, particularly poorly educated Southerner, would call it a film) he’s talking about is the 2001 Japanese production Himizu. 


Jared Taylor grew up in Japan as the son of American missionaries.  He is fluent in Japanese and French; a man of the world, unlike Roof.  Would Roof even think in terms of contrasting “cultures?” 


Jared Taylor’s Pedigree and Performance


Taylor, who was educated at Yale and the Paris Institute of Political Studies, which he pretentiously renders in French on his home page, would definitely think like that.  He also at least pretends to think like this:


What We Believe


Race is an important aspect of individual and group identity. Of all the fault lines that divide society—language, religion, class, ideology—it is the most prominent and divisive. Race and racial conflict are at the heart of some of the most serious challenges the Western World faces in the 21st century.


The problems of race cannot be solved without adequate understanding. Attempts to gloss over the significance of race or even to deny its reality only make problems worse. Progress requires the study of all aspects of race, whether historical, cultural, or biological. This approach is known as race realism.


Well, one can play it up or one can play it down.  Taylor, like Sharpton, is all about playing it up, just the man to trot out in the wake of the Charleston incident to add some more fuel to the fire.


He is also, no doubt, very media savvy as we can see from the long list of mainstream publications in which his writings have appeared.  He would have known exactly what he was getting into when he agreed to that interview with Shuster.  With his own YouTube channel for American Renaissance he could have put out his views on the Charleston episode without volunteering to be the C of CC’s on air spokesman for takedown interview purposes.  In short, he went into that malignant-message-magnifying media circus with his eyes wide open.  I can easily see Taylor and Shuster in pre-interview rehearsal and a private post-interview session, high-fiving one another over beers: “We really nailed it, didn’t we?”  Visions of the phony Christopher Ruddy, complicit in his own public embarrassment at the hands of Mike Wallace on 60 Minutes, also come to mind.


At least in his short, sharp exchange with Shuster Taylor didn’t manage to tarnish the Confederate flag directly, another of the apparent purposes of the Charleston operation, but Shuster and his producers took care of that part for him, at one point in the interview putting up one of those infamous photos of Roof with the battle flag.  Taylor would save his own battle flag mud dragging for another interview, with CNN.  Here is a passage from their article, “White supremacist group stands by racist ideology”:


Jared Taylor, a spokesperson for the Council of Conservative Citizens, spoke to CNN from his home in northern Virginia, where he has numerous Confederate war bonds and a small Confederate flag serving as decorations.


There you have it.  The attackers of the flag all have it right.  With his display for the CNN reporter, the Yankee Yalie Taylor has driven home the message that the Confederate battle flag stands for nothing but racism, racism such as that espoused by the Council of Conservative Citizens.  It doesn’t stand for the brave struggle against imperial tyranny put up by men like my great grandfather John Henry Martin, from a county in North Carolina in which there were virtually no slaves, who spent the last months of the war as a POW in the Yankee hell hole of Point Lookout in southern Maryland. 


Birds of a Feather


Justifying his decision to publish on his FrontPageMag.com Jared Taylor’s article on the greatly underreported black on white “Wichita Massacre,” while holding him at arm’s length because of his “racialism,” David Horowitz says, “Jared Taylor is a very intelligent and principled man.  He has it half right.  In so doing, he publicized Taylor’s racial posturing (I hesitate to say that they are Taylor’s actual views, if he really has any on the subject.), and lobbed softballs giving Taylor the opportunity to reply.  Taylor’s response ends very tellingly this way:


Not long before he was assassinated, Yitzhak Rabin told U.S. News and World Report that as Prime Minister of Israel he had worked to achieve many things, but what he cared about most was that Israel remain at least 90 percent Jewish. He recognized that the character of Israel would change in fundamental-and to him unacceptable-ways if the non-Jewish population increased beyond a small minority. Equally obviously, the character of the United States is changing as non-whites arrive in large numbers.


Throughout most of its history, white Americans took the Rabin view: that their country had a distinctly racial and ethnic core that was to be preserved at all costs. When Mr. Horowitz writes about the “good old American ideal,” that is what he should have in mind, not a historically inaccurate view that drapes a radical new course with trappings of false tradition.


By all means, let Israel remain Jewish, but by the same token let the United States remain majority-white. Mr. Horowitz has a distinguished record of fighting double standards, so he should recognize one when he sees it. If he supports a Jewish Israel, he should support a white America.


Don’t look for any protests from Taylor about Israel’s apartheid wall or its South Africa-like apartheid policies toward the former majority population of Palestine before it was overwhelmed by Zionist-pushed primarily European migration.  His answer to Jewish tribalism is white-race tribalism, an absolutely guaranteed political loser, * and he surely knows it.


It is perhaps fitting that he should be doing this polite jousting with Horowitz.  Horowitz first came upon the national scene as the editor of the counter-culture, anti-Vietnam War magazine Ramparts.  Later, after his brief but prominent stint as a radical leftist, he “changed his mind” and became the neoconservative, rabidly anti-Muslim editor of the slick mysteriously financed Frontpagemag.com. 


Anyone taking Horowitz and Ramparts at face value needs to spend some time reading the well-documented “Ramparts Was Also a CIA Front” by Miles Mathis.  Says Mathis, “It looks like [Horowitz and his buddy at Ramparts, Sol Stern] got tired of the pose, or were bad at it, and were allowed to adopt the opposite pose.  It must be tiring for fascists to pretend they are leftists or radicals for any length of time.”


Taylor never played the radical leftist role, but his parents, he says, were standard liberals and he seemed to be one, too, until he started his “racially dissident” organization American Renaissance in 1991, some 18 years after his graduation from college.  When it comes to questioning his legitimacy, the late Michael Collins Piper is Taylor’s Miles Mathis.  Various quotes from Piper’s books in which he refers to Taylor can be found on the Internet.  This one is from The Judas Goats: The Enemy Within, and it concludes a long section about Taylor’s mysterious presence in Ghana in the mid-1970s:


Although we can only speculate as to what young Yale man Taylor was doing in Ghana in the midst of intense CIA and Mossad intrigue in that small country, the bottom line is that Taylor’s actions in America today—more than 30 years later—suggest that Taylor (for whatever reason) has become an asset (in a most unusual way) for advancing one aspect of the Zionist cause within the American nationalist movement.


This Piper quote is from his High Priests of War:


The record shows Taylor has a long history of attacking Arabs and Muslims. As far back as November 1993 - nearly a decade ago, long before the widespread anti-Muslim tendencies in America, stoked by the major broadcast media, particularly in the wake of the 9-11-2001 terrorist attacks, Taylor's American Renaissance magazine featured an article entitled "The Rise of Islam in America," which asserted that "Islam lies at a dangerous intersection between race and immigration," and which declared:


"Islam, in its various forms, lies at the intersection of America's two most dogma-laden and self-destructive policies: immigration and race relations.  It was the purest idiocy to have imported crowds of swarthy fanatics who are prepared to kill each other - and us - over obscure conflicts in the Levant. Had no one noticed that Middle Easterners fight out their unsettled feuds not only in their own countries but in Europe as well? To have imported fanatics who worship the same god as the Black Muslims was idiocy on stilts.”


Taylor’s Yale pedigree can hardly be underestimated.  As I note in “Does Yale Hold the Key?” products of that esteemed university were all over the cover-up of the murder of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent Foster in the Clinton administration.  Particularly germane in that article is this quote from Cloak and Gown: Scholars in the Secret War, 1939-1961 by Yale history professor Robin Winks:


From Yale's class of 1943 alone, at least forty-two young men entered intelligence work, largely in the OSS, many to remain on after the war to form the core of the new CIA. Rightly or wrongly, a historian could, in assessing the link between the university and the agency, declare in 1984 that Yale had influenced the CIA more than any other university did. This generalization was extended by a student journalist into the judgment that for four decades “Yale had influenced the Central Intelligence Agency more than any other institution, giving the CIA the atmosphere of a class reunion.”


Anti-Immigration Racial Oracle


Taylor explains his assignment, er mission, here:


New Century Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1994 to study immigration and race relations so as to better understand the consequences of America’s increasing diversity. It sponsors publications and books, and holds occasional conferences.  Among the books we publish are: A Race Against Time, by George McDaniel and Jared Taylor, Paved with Good Intentions, by Jared Taylor, The Real American Dilemma, edited by Jared Taylor, Why Race Matters, by Michael Levin.


Perhaps the most important publication of New Century Foundation is The Color of Crime, New Century Foundation’s report on differences in crime rates by race, bias in the justice system, and interracial crime. First published as a monograph in 1999, the new 2005 edition of The Color of Crime is available on-line as a PDF.


New Century Foundation also published American Renaissance, a monthly magazine dealing with race and racial issues here and abroad. The contents of back issues of American Renaissance — along with key news items and other revelant [sic] materials — are available on-line here.


If you appreciate the work we do, please consider supporting us with your donations. **


Please note, dear reader, what is missing from that mission statement.  He is out to tell us about the consequences of the increasing diversity resulting from the increased immigration that the country has experienced.  The last thing that he or David Horowitz or their handlers would want us to take a cold, hard look at is who is causing it, who is behind the push for ever more immigration.  That one doesn’t take a whole lot of study.  All one has to do is to notice that the mainstream media, across the board, are all for immigration, legal or illegal, the more the merrier.  The mainstream media, led by The New York Times, The Washington Post, and the major television and radio networks are also overwhelmingly Jewish owned and run. 


With his upfront obsession with the racial angle, from a white perspective, one can be certain that Taylor gives little attention to those negative consequences of untrammeled immigration that cut across racial and ethnic lines.  The never-ending wave of Latin American immigration in particular is depressing wages and working conditions for blacks, whites, and Hispanics alike.


The Taylor mission and method, widely distributed on the Internet, was on full ugly display recently with “An Open Letter to Cuckservatives,” reproduced here in full:


You aren’t just betraying your principles.


Dear Cuckservative,


You are not alone. Like you, Erick Erickson at RedState.com, Matt Lewis at the Daily Caller, Taylor Millard at Hot Air, the blogger Ace of Spades, and Jim Harper with the Cato Institute are all squirming under the lash of this new coinage. They are squirming because a single word–cuckservative–lays bare the rot at the heart of your movement: American conservatism can conserve nothing if it cannot conserve the nation’s founding stock. I’ll put it bluntly: Nothing you love will survive without white people.


Do you stand for limited government and a balanced budget? Count your black and Hispanic allies. Do you admire Thomas Jefferson? He was a slave-holder who will end up on the dung heap with the Confederate flag. Do you care about stable families and the rights of the unborn? Look up illegitimacy, divorce, and abortion rates for blacks and Hispanics. Do you cherish the stillness at dawn in Bryce Canyon? When the park service manages to get blacks and Hispanics to go camping they play boom-boxes until 1:00 a.m. Was Ronald Reagan your hero? He would not win a majority of today’s electorate.


Do you love Tchaikovsky? Count the non-whites in the concert hall. Do you yearn for neighborhoods where you can leave the keys in your car? There still are some; just don’t expect them to be “diverse.” Are hunting and firearms part of your heritage? Explain that to Barack Obama or Sonia Sotomayor. Are you a devout Christian? Muslim immigrants despise you and your faith. Do you support Israel? Mexicans, Haitians, Chinese, and Guatemalans don’t.


Your great festival–CPAC–is as white as a meeting of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. That’s because blacks and Hispanics and even Asians don’t share your dreams. You’ve heard the old joke: “What do you call the only black person at a conservative meeting? The keynote speaker.” Outreach doesn’t work. You can’t talk someone into loving what you love. Faith, patriotism, duty, and honor come from deeply cultural, religious, and ancestral sources you can’t reach.


Why do you evoke Martin Luther King when you call for a “colorblind” America? You know he wanted quotas for blacks. You evoke King because you think he’ll help you silence blacks and liberals. But it doesn’t work, does it? That’s because only whites–and Asians, when it suits them–even think in terms of “colorblindness.” Blacks and Hispanics will squeeze every unfair advantage out of you they can. At what point will they ever abandon their aggressive racial agenda? When they’re the majority just think how hard they’ll squeeze your grandchildren.


You tell yourself that the things you love about America–and I love them, too–are rooted in certain principles. That is your greatest mistake. They are rooted in certain people. That is why Germans, Swedes, Irishmen, and Hungarians could come and contribute to the America you love. Do you really believe that a future Afro-Hispanic-Caribbean-Asiatic America will be anything like the America your ancestors built?


Let’s consider your principles. Do you dream of a traditional, religious, free-market society with small government, low taxes, and no gun control, where same-sex marriage is illegal, and abortion, divorce, prostitution, and illegitimacy are scorned? There are such places: the tribal areas of Pakistan and Somalia.


And what about countries that violate your principles–with high taxes, huge government, clogged markets, a weak church, strict gun control, and sexual license of all kinds? There’s Scandinavia. And yet if you had to leave the United States you’d much rather live in Denmark than in Waziristan.


Do you see the pattern? Even when they violate your principles, white people build good societies. Even when they abide by your principles, non-whites usually don’t.

We see that in America. Can you think of a majority non-white neighborhood you’d like to live in, or a majority non-white school you’d like your children to attend? No, you can’t. Why, then, don’t you fight with all your strength against the forces of immigration and integration that are turning ever-greater parts of your county into Third-World wastelands?


I know it would be frightening for you to step outside the ever narrower confines of what we are permitted to say about race. You would court the disapproval of every institution in America. You would pay a heavy price. Not since the last Red Scare has the price of speaking out been so high. In the 1950s, it was dangerous to spout Marxist foolishness. Today, the most dangerous ideas are the historical, biological, and moral truths that men such as Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Mark Twain, Walt Whitman, and your grandparents took for granted.


Muster up the courage. Speak these truths. They are your heritage. They are your destiny. They are in your bones. And when you speak these truths, you will join the people who see the only future for America in which the things you love are even conceivable. When you speak these truths you will join the camp of the saints.


And until you speak these truths you will feel the sting of the word “cuckservative.” You will feel its sting because you are not just betraying the heritage and promise of America. You are not just betraying your principles and dreams–even though you think you are working for them. You are betraying your people. (end of complete Taylor article)


It’s really hard to overlook the fact that Taylor’s anti-immigration message is also very much a pro-Israel and anti-Muslim message, but just to make sure you didn’t miss it I’ve put the biggest indicators in bold.  Taylor makes it abundantly clear that in the fake social conservative field, he is little more than a male, putatively gentile version of Diana West, another Yale graduate, I might add.  Considering how it is being used, and who is spreading it around the Internet, it’s not hard to figure out who is behind the coinage of the “cuckservative” neologism.  He doesn’t go so far as to speculate about intelligence agencies, but one of the bloggers that Taylor decries, Ace of Spades, notes the word’s sudden ubiquity:


However, it's an objective fact that many using the term, and stinging social media like race-warring hornets, are indeed out and proud white supremacists, or at least the sorts of person who casually uses the word "muds" (as in "I'm not going to stand by and see my country polluted by muds" -- that sort of thing) in the belief that this is a socially-acceptable shorthand for "anyone who isn't a Scots-Irish-or-Germanic white person."


So what Gabe was complaining about, so you know the context, is that these people have not only come out of the closets, but they have come out of the closets in force -- that is, they are really swarming Twitter…gotta admit, I feel a lot dirtier about being an immigration-restrictionist now than I did an hour ago.


“It's as if,” Ace of Spades goes on to say, “on the heels of last month's raacial [sic] shooting, someone gave the GO code: Now we show our hand.      


And right in the thick of it all is our boy Jared Taylor.  Just like those who would display the Confederate flag, anyone who would be concerned about the flood of immigrants to the country is nothing but a bigoted racist.  And here is Catherine Rampell of The Washington Post to make sure you get the message:  Witness legions of white nationalists lining up behind [Donald Trump], and the coded “dog-whistle politics” that other candidates are invoking to attract their own anti-immigrant coalitions.”  The link takes you to an August 31 New Yorker article on the Donald Trump political phenomenon that features Taylor in his racist role:


Ever since the Tea Party’s peak, in 2010, and its fade, citizens on the American far right—Patriot militias, border vigilantes, white supremacists—have searched for a standard-bearer, and now they’d found him…


Jared Taylor, the editor of American Renaissance, a white-nationalist magazine and Web site based in Oakton, Virginia, told me, in regard to Trump, “I’m sure he would repudiate any association with people like me, but his support comes from people who are more like me than he might like to admit.”


When Trump started emphasizing the mortal threat posed by undocumented immigration, America’s white nationalists rejoiced. “Why are whites supposed to be happy about being reduced to a minority?” Jared Taylor, of American Renaissance, asked me. “It’s clear why Hispanics celebrate diversity: ‘More of us! More Spanish! More cucaracha!’ ”


Taylor, who calls himself a “racial dissident,” was slim and decorous in gray trousers and a button-down when we met. For years, he and others have sensed an opportunity on the horizon to expand their ranks. When Obama was elected in 2008, Stormfront, the leading white-supremacist Web forum, crashed from heavy traffic. The Klan, weakened by lawsuits and infighting, barely exists anymore, but the Internet draws in young racists like Dylann Roof, who is accused of the June 17th massacre of nine people at a church in Charleston. The attack inspired a broad effort to remove the Confederate flag—from the state capitol and from the shelves of Amazon and of Walmart and a host of other retail stores. Defenders of the flag were galvanized, and they organized more than a hundred rallies around the South, interpreting the moment, months after racial unrest in Ferguson and Baltimore, as a sign of a backlash against political correctness and multiculturalism. Trump’s language landed just as American hate groups were more energized than at any time in years. Griffin, the blogger for the League of the South, told me that the removal of the flag had crystallized “fears that people have about what happens when we become a minority. What happens when we have no control over things? You’re seeing it play out right now.”


Over sandwiches in the dining room of Taylor’s brick Colonial, with views of a spacious back yard, a half-hour from downtown Washington, D.C., five of his readers and friends shared their views on race and politics, on the condition that I not use their full names. They were white men, in white-collar jobs, and each had a story of radicalization…


So, just as Taylor invited Al Jazeera and CNN to make himself and the Confederate flag look bad, he invited the quintessential organ of the Eastern liberal establishment, The New Yorker, to make himself and Donald Trump and concern over immigration look bad.  What you will never get from Taylor, any more than you will get it from the mainstream press, putative liberal or conservative, is any exposure of what’s really behind the flood of immigrants and how it is taking place.  For that you have to turn to my series of articles, the most recent of which is “Wrist Slap for Top Alien Smuggler? 


Taylor and Roof Again


Taylor really doesn’t need those news organs to make himself or whatever cause he wants to taint look reprehensible.  He can to do that by himself.  Here we see him at work in an article entitled “The Mind of the Killer.”


I have never met Dylann Roof. He is reported to have been a high school dropout and drug taker, who expressed confused and even incoherent opinions about race. He is also a mass murderer. However, for professional reasons, I am acquainted with a large number of young white men—and some women—who share enough of his views to give me what I believe is a good sense of his motives.


In the rush to take action after the Charleston killings we are already doing things that will make similar attacks more likely, not less. There have been strong calls to emphasize the racial sins of the past and to make doubly sure that every new generation learns about them. The Atlantic, for example, published a syllabus of readings to help “understand the Charleston shootings.” It is all about slavery, Jim Crow, and the civil rights movement.


Yes, he is telling us, there is a rational connection between what Roof allegedly did (although there’s no “allegedly” to it as Taylor explains it) and genuine feelings of white grievance.  If the amorphous politically correct crowd doesn’t stop picking on white people we can very well expect more such mindless slaughters. 


Taylor might actually be telling the truth when he tells us that he never met Dylann Roof.  He wouldn’t have needed to in order to be part of the same operation.  That “large number of young white men” with whom he says he is acquainted could have given him more than enough ideas for him to use in that manifesto.  With their vast difference in age, education, and experience, they have one big thing in common.  Neither seems to have come by his racism honestly.  It’s not in the family heritage of either man.  For Roof, think of the young former Marine posing with that rifle who they say pulled off a motiveless presidential assassination, and for Taylor a whole host of names come to mind, going right up to a man who would become CIA director and later president of the United States.  Reflecting on the unusual political metamorphosis of both Roof and Taylor, there is an expression from the intelligence community that comes to mind.  It’s called “sheep-dipped.”


Looking at the blank stare on the face of Roof, I am reminded of the clearly sheep-dipped Timothy McVeigh and also of the Aurora, Colorado, shooter James Holmes and Robert Kennedy’s purported killer Sirhan Sirhan.  For his part, Taylor makes me think of my opening paragraph in “How to Become a ‘Made Man’ in the Media.”


A late uncle of mine who flew a spotter plane for the Air Force during the height of the Vietnam War once told me that during his stint there one of our “intelligence services” tried to recruit him.  He declined the offer, he told me, but only after he had gone so far as to take a required “psychological evaluation” for them.  The experience, he told me, appalled him.  “I could tell from the questions,” he said, “that they were looking for someone who was immoral.”


Watching Taylor in action, I fancy that he would have gone off the charts in the other direction from my uncle.


* On this clash-of-civilizations Zionist ploy see my “Did We Pull the Plug on the Shah?” and on the ploy generally see Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich by Guido Giacomo Preparata.


 ** Enough donations have come in, we are given to believe, that this tax-exempt foundation currently has assets of almost $1.6 million.


David Martin

August 31, 2015




It’s too bad that when I wrote this article John Alan Martinson had not yet posted “The Plague of White Nationalism.”   No one does a better job than Martinson of explaining what is wrong with this very misguided movement, a movement that now counts Jared Taylor as one of its leaders:


Yes, the White Nationalist is so confused that he will spend hours making documentaries, writing articles and giving speeches about the horrors inflicted upon the German people during World War II, and yet spout the same tired rhetoric that will see to a repeat of history. He will say that the power of Jewish Supremacy rests upon its ability to divide people, and then he will try to divide humanity against itself.


I seriously doubt that Taylor, himself, is confused, but certainly anyone who would hearken to his siren song is.


David Martin

December 14, 2015




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