Dueling Christian-Jewish Verse


The protagonists are The Washington Post’s weekly humor columnist, Gene Weingarten, and yours truly.  First, there was the email I sent him on May 15:


Hi Gene, 


On the subject of today’s column, check these out:


Epistemological Mystery


Ontological verse.


And as a bonus:  April in Washington


I think your comic poems are really great, the best thing you do.  I even briefly stop missing Dave Barry when I read them.




Weingarten’s column replaced that of the generally much funnier Barry in the Sunday Washington Post Magazine when the latter retired some years ago.


I got no response—at least none directly—but my message to Weingarten might have produced some result, as reflected in my May 22 email to him in reaction to his next column:


Well, it looks like with my praise of your poetry I have moved you to do some more of them with this week’s Rhymes Against Humanity. (That was the title in the print edition.)  You, in turn, have inspired me to attempt a “poke” of my own:


A smart young Jewish couple

Was strolling by a church

When a sign they saw out front

Stopped them in a lurch.


“Come in and be baptized,

And we won’t make you rich,

But we’ll give you a hundred dollars.”

Read the enticing pitch.


The man dropped all resistance,

And was forthwith drawn inside

Against the grave forebodings

Of his much more prudent bride.


Snapped she upon his emergence,

“Did you get your hundred, honey?”

Asked he, “What’s with you people

That you only think of money?”




The ball is back in his court.


David Martin

May 22, 2016




Weingarten has shown himself to be a good sport with a good sense of humor.  “A good one,” was his short email reply to me today. 


Having apparently passed the test with his new “poke” art form, I have asked him to have a shot at mine, the Twitter trifle.  It’s back in his court.  This request might test his sportsmanship a bit too much.


David Martin

May 24, 2016





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