American Gothic
by DCDave

We all like to hear scary stories.
I'll tell you one that will thrill you:
If they thought it was in their interests
Our government thugs would kill you.

They might use a popular ruse
To provide enough cover to hide.
They could say that you were unbalanced,
And fell victim to suicide.

So what if there are no good answers
To questions like "how?" and "why?"
Who in this land can we count on
To send up a hue and cry?

Though the parts of the cover-up story
Can't be crafted to fall into place,
Our press will still spare no effort
To sell us the government's case.

When all we can hear is one version,
The government truth and no more,
We must wonder about all those reporters,
Just who are they working for?

What happened to equal protection?
Who protects us from government crimes,
When we can't depend on the Congress,
Or the News or the Post or the Times?

The Soviet state has now fallen,
With its empire constructed on fear,
But if we don't do something to stop it
We're well on our way to that here.

David Martin

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