Pigeon Number Two
by DCDave

If you swallowed completely the magic bullet,
You haven't seen anything yet,
Now they're selling a magic explosive
And another well-set-up vet.

Blowing up children to avenge those who burned,
How does that make any sense?
"No one could be as stupid as that,"
Would be the perfect defense.

A strange sort of madness, they're telling us now,
Possessed this ex-sergeant McVeigh,
With elaborate plans for planting his bomb,
And not any for getting away.

A plot so well-crafted and grandiose,
You might properly ask, "how could he?"
But look at the fruit of this hideous crime,
And then you must wonder, "Why would he?"

It's much like a Marxist and Kennedy lover
Blowing his hero away,
So the red-hating warriors would have free reign,
Unbridled by LBJ.

Always, they tell us, these sinister deeds
Are the work of impulsive fools,
While a much more likely scenario
Reveals them as government tools.

Lee Harvey Oswald was still semper fi
Right up to the moment he died,
But it's roundly denied by the CIA,
And you tell me when they've ever lied.

Rotting as captive well after a war
Or used for experimentation,
It's the fate of the soldier who does what he's told
In a secretive, misguided nation.

David Martin

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