by DCDave

Maybe they thought we wouldn't notice
Their crude propagandist role.
Perhaps they believed our attention would lapse
And then they could stay in control.

The discovery of that doleful note
Was a heavily-covered event
It was all the press needed to lay out the case
For Vince Foster's deadly intent.

The poor man had written he made mistakes
Then neglected to say what they were,
But they carried a self-imposed capital sentence
The public was led to infer.

He also lashed out at groups who "lied"
In his strangely-discovered report
And complained of the mean folks in Washington
Who ruin worthy people for sport.

Vincent Foster, the true southern gent,
Was not one to whimper or snivel,
So what could have prompted this man to produce
Such pitiful, disjointed drivel?

Well now all the tripe indigestible
Can happily be disgorged,
A prestigious trio of handwriting pros
Has told us the torn note was forged.

So will our fine media turn up the heat
Till someone up high has confessed?
No, they won't deal with such unpleasant truth,
The news will be simply suppressed.

David Martin

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