Defamation Alert
by DCDave

Why have the authorities done nothing yet
To combat the ugly subversive threat
Of the terribly frightening Internet?

Fear mongers can use it to propagate
The middle American gospel of hate,
Slipping by the sagacious at the gate.

People won't know what ideas to hold
If they will no longer wait to be told
By newspapers which could remain unsold.

Don't we now risk the political rot
That became the Soviet Union's lot
When they couldn't root out all that samizdat?

Just think of the danger to the nation
When people can read any allegation,
Never knowing when it might be a fabrication.

We need someone with a larger view
To disentangle false from true
And to prescribe for us what to do.

And that can't be the Holy Ghost,
No, the ones we trust the most
Are the New York Times and the Washington Post.

David Martin

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