Freedom Watch
by DCDave

I care not who you say you are;
You're every one a Kenneth Starr.
You can't slip your civic traces
By not facing what he faces.

Corrupting forces seize the day
When you choose to look away;
Every grownup has a voice,
And truth is not a thing of choice.

But giving in to base ambition
Has a very long tradition;
Those who sold out Thomas More
Knew just what they did it for.

And so I ask what you would do
If Kenneth Starr gave way to you:
Would your guide be evidence,
Or would it be expedience?

Would you play the games they play,
Or let the chips fall where they may,
As you take a higher view
Than what's merely good for you?

Would you rise and pay the fee
To preserve our liberty?
If truth be told I see not how
When so few will pay it now.

David Martin

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